Preliminary decision for a residential complex with assisted living with day care and outpatient care in Eberswalde Nordend

Within the framework of a project development, Beate Kling GmbH was commissioned with the development of the site in accordance with §34 BauGB at the transition from quarters with buildings from the 1950s and 1960s as well as residential buildings in prefabricated slab construction. The urban development clarification proceeded in the context of the building development in the environment of different building heights. The transition of the height development from 2-3 storey buildings to 5-6 storey buildings between the quarters is taken up in the building structure figure. It staggers in direct neighborhood to a 6-story slice 5-story down to a 3-story building part opposite 2-story bars with gable roof and the even flatter commercial area. The utilization concept outside facilities is thought in interlacing with green spaces of the city of Eberswalde.

Assisted Living Eberswalde Nordend

KT Projekt GmbH

nonprofit ProCurand GmbH

Draft, preliminary decision, LPH 1-2

Realization period
2018 – 2020

Thomas Uhlig