Beate Kling and Team

Since 2003, Beate Kling has been working with her office in an interdisciplinary way and in cooperation in the fields of architecture, design and communication. The development of space, the implementation of information in space and the translation into the appearance of companies are in the foreground. They are created in the integration process of overlapping disciplines.

Beate Kling GmbH maps communication processes in spaces that spatially integrate brands, orientation processes and analogue and digital information in a self explanatory design.

The aim is to promote the networking of the disciplines that shape space (architecture, design and corporate design, information in space / signage, brand in space, art in architecture, communication design) for a building identity.

Projects such as the general concept of signage for the University Medical Centre Göttingen, signage and corporate design for clinics of the University Medical Centre Essen or the SLK Clinics Heilbronn as well as the signage for the Harnack House Berlin stand for this.

The search is on for meaningful, identity-creating solutions that strive for functionality and beauty.